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This is my healthy weight loss tumblr and no thinspo, pro-ana or pro-mia pictures here. This is a pro-health and fit tumblr! Enjoy and Thanks for your support :)

I only follow back if you are a weight loss blog and you don't post pro-ana/pro-mia pics or anything negative. Sorry. :)

SW: 120 kg (264.74lbs)
CW:116.1 kg (255.7 lbs) (edited 19/07/2012)
UGW: 60kgs That's what my healthy weight range is but I'll be happy as a size 12AU/10US with curves!

If you are on myfitnesspal. please feel free to add me. My username is gorditakatita.
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I’m an adult, but not like a real adult
anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 (via prettyboystyles)

Anyone 18 - 30 years old more like.

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It is my list of Top 100 Things I Want To Do/Achieve/Be Before I Turn 30.

Haha, I just have to say that I have achieved some which is good I guess but I still need to work on my fitness and love life I think :-D

I’ll mark the ones I’ve actually done.

"The list is not in any particular order. I’m just making them up as I go!"

  1. Love myself and love the person that I am, even if I was born with imperfections.
  2. Experience true love.
  3. Experience love at first sight.
  4. Be in a serious relationship or even get married.
  5. Become a mother.
  6. Have my first child.
  7. Live in a house other than my parents’.
  8. Have a career.
  9. Be happy.
  10. Delete all my profiles from all the dating website (which would be wise if I think I’ll be married or in a serious relationship by 30).
  11. Lose some weight. (actually a lot of weight!!!)
  12. Be a size 10.
  13. Kiss several strangers at nightclubs/pubs
  14. Have a one night stand
  15. Lose my virginity – :-/Well I would have to if I want a kid before 30.
  16. Become independent.
  17. Go on a road trip around Australia and the USA.
  18. Go on a European tour.
  19. Travel around South America.
  20. Enjoy waking up at 8 in the morning.
  21. Stop sleeping past 11 am and get in the habit of waking up early.
  22. Sleep under the stars.
  23. Go camping with a lover.
  24. Have a big white wedding and have my honeymoon in a beautiful resort by the beach.
  25. Have a bikini body by 25 years old. Missed that chance!
  26. Buy a new car.
  27. Win a trip overseas (again hehe)
  28. Become a aunt.
  29. See all my cousins at the same time, in the same place and in the same country together.
  30. Have my first kiss.
  31. Not be afraid of life any more.
  32. Have a book published.
  33. Figure out how to balance work and social life.
  34. To control my sudden urges of laziness.
  35. Cook my way through Julia Childs cookbook and not write a blog about it.
  36. Learn how to cook at least 10 dinner dishes without needing a recipe.
  37. Be a great cook.
  38. Have great relationships with friends.
  39. Have great relationships with my sisters and cousins.
  40. Make my parents proud. (in the sense of getting off my ass and doing something with my life)
  41. Finish any degree in university.
  42. Attend the four major tennis tours (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open) and see my favourite player, Fernando Gonzalez, play in them.
  43. Have at least $20,000 saved at one point.
  44. Live in a unit, apartment, town house or studio apartment in the city for at least a year.
  45. Be in the same job for more than 2 years.
  46. Go see a show on Broadway in New York City
  47. Go see a show in the West End in London.
  48. Have a summer romance in Italy with an Italian man.
  49. Have a summer romance in Spain with a Spanish man.
  50. Have a relationship with a man out of my ‘league’.
  51. Live in Chile for 6 months with a job.
  52. Learn more Spanish.
  53. Speak in another language for 6 months.
  54. Go out on a Friday night and arrive home on a Sunday afternoon after a weekend of having the best time of your life.
  55. Have sex in several questionable places. — That’s a whole other list!
  56. Deliver a baby.
  57. Be an extra in a TV show or film.
  58. Write a movie script.
  59. Get that script into a movie.
  60. Win a good amount of money in a lottery.
  61. Never stop dreaming about the possibilities.
  62. Never stop being a kid at heart or even thinking you are still a 18 year old even though you are 30.
  63. Be successful in all aspects in my life.
  64. Have a dinner party where I make all the food.
  65. Go on a only sisters trip with both of my sisters.
  66. Go to a Lady Gaga Concert.
  67. Go see Backstreet Boys live again.
  68. Go see a Pink Concert.
  69. Go see a Kiss concert.
  70. Have dinner at a sushi train restaurant.
  71. Go on a date to a posh restaurant and order the most expensive item.
  72. Drink a bottle of Dom Pérignon.
  73. Buy myself a Louis Vuitton handbag.
  74. Plant a vegetable garden and cook with them.
  75. Learn to eat vegetables.
  76. Read the bible.
  77. Buy naughty lingerie and toys.
  78. Run a marathon. - color run counts? Yep!
  79. Wear a little black dress with heels on and have men turn there heads and look at me. I wore a red dress :P
  80. Go on a African Safari.
  81. Kiss under a waterfall.
  82. Make new long lasting friendships.
  83. Walk in Times Square.
  84. Look at the Hollywood sign in real life.
  85. See the Eiffel Tower, Pyramids and Caesars Palace in the same day in Las Vegas.
  86. Get a tattoo.
  87. Live in a house/unit with the view of the Ocean.
  88. Ask out a boy that I like.
  89. Make the first move.
  90. Go skinny dipping.
  91. Have a blog with a lot more followers.
  92. Be neater/became a neat freak.
  93. Dance tango in Argentina.
  94. Have two men fight over me.
  95. Meet/See Antonio Banderas in person.
  96. Go to Carnival in Brazil.
  97. Drink more water.
  98. Go on a hot air balloon over Melbourne.
  99. Be financially stable.
  100. Have the biggest and most awesomeness party for my 30th.

Doing a face mask on a lonely Saturday night.

Love lettuce fresh face mask by lush.


This is what my night consists of… White wine!

I’m waiting for sex and the city to finish downloading

I know its only 10kgs/22lbs difference but I can see the difference in my face. I’m hoping I can do more than 10kgs next year so maybe I can reach my first goal of 100kgs/220lbs!

So this weekend was really fun. My cousin got married to her long time partner. They have been together for 11 years, 1 year engaged though. So yep. Pretty awesome wedding and reception. 

I got my hair done. Now I got a fringe and I got highlights. I’m pretty nervous of what people from work are going to think since I have been working there for nearly a year now and I’ve had the same hairstyle for all of it. Oh wells!

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I’m so stylish #fashionvictim #beanie (Taken with Instagram at Cowes Beach)

Saturday night with friends is always fun!

Drunken picture posts!! I love to pretend that I’m sexy lol

Beautiful @davidandremunoz. Love u! (Taken with Instagram)

With sexy @afraser86. (Taken with Instagram)

Body pump was intense !! #workout #exercise #beautiful (Taken with Instagram)