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This is my healthy weight loss tumblr and no thinspo, pro-ana or pro-mia pictures here. This is a pro-health and fit tumblr! Enjoy and Thanks for your support :)

I only follow back if you are a weight loss blog and you don't post pro-ana/pro-mia pics or anything negative. Sorry. :)

SW: 120 kg (264.74lbs)
CW:116.1 kg (255.7 lbs) (edited 19/07/2012)
UGW: 60kgs That's what my healthy weight range is but I'll be happy as a size 12AU/10US with curves!

If you are on myfitnesspal. please feel free to add me. My username is gorditakatita.
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Body pump was intense !! #workout #exercise #beautiful (Taken with Instagram)

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Plus-size model Katie Halchishick in O Magazine, measuring the gap between healthy beauty and the toxic ideal

She beautiful as fuck

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this part made me cry :’)

I was sad. 

What is this? Is this a song?


Amanda Latona

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I hate you… ok not really. Another example of a perfect body and hair!

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